Investors, financial stakeholders, or governing bodies seek assurance in their investments. GLJ has extensive experience in conducting customized, comprehensive technical due diligence reviews to assess various aspects of a project, including technology, drilling, permitting, energy availability, economic modelling, and potential risk assessments. GLJ produces a report that certifies the accuracy of the presented data and findings to the best of their knowledge, while also ensuring that the review adheres to accepted industry practices, and international standards. By offering technical due diligence services, GLJ aims to enhance understanding and instill confidence in projects. The areas in which GLJ can provide assistance include:

  • Reviewing analog geothermal fields
  • Conducting technological reviews of novel geothermal technologies
  • Evaluating geothermal pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Estimating energy-in-place and potential extractable energy
  • Performing cost analysis and economic modelling
  • Conducting field development reviews