Reserves, Resources & Certification

Independent Evaluation of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

GLJ is a global leader in reserves and resource evaluation.  Reserves and resource evaluations have been a core pillar of our business and will remain so.  Our evaluations are used for public disclosure, fair market value assessment, asset transactions, financial reporting, investment decisions and legal proceedings.  With a trusted reputation we have the technical prowess and proven track record to meet and exceed your evaluation needs.

GLJ applies globally recognized classification systems to estimate petroleum and natural gas reservoirs. We have evaluated assets around the world in numerous conventional and unconventional play types using state of the art workflows and methodologies. 

Our Independent evaluations are used for annual reporting, public disclosure, fair market value assessments, financial reporting, investment decisions and legal proceedings. We work for Independent, private and national energy producers, private equity and financial institutions and government bodies.    

We provide independent analysis and expertise including, but not limited to:

  • Geologic and Geophysical analysis
  • Reserves and Resources estimation
  • Economic Modelling
  • Independent Petroleum Consultants Consent
  • NI 51-101 COGEH compliant reporting
  • SPE-PRMS compliant reporting
  • SEC compliant Reporting
  • Certification of Reserves and qualified person sign off

GLJ performs audits of previously prepared evaluations to provide an independent assessment of evaluations to ensure compliance to recognized classification systems. Audits can range in scope from investigation of a single property to comprehensive corporate roll ups of evaluations.

GLJ’s geoscience and engineering professionals have a wide range of expertise and qualifications which enables us to perform many services including, but not limited to

  • Audit of prepared Reserves and Resources assessments
  • Audit of Geological and Geophysical analysis
  • Audit of Economic modelling including royalties, carbon tax and ARO
  • Comfort Letters
  • Competent persons report (CPR)

GLJ has extensive experience in portfolio analysis and transaction support which guides you through strategic decision-making processes.  We have extensive international experience in global basins, economics and fiscal regimes.

GLJ can assist clients in evaluating their strategic plan including economic sensitivity analysis, and commodity price risk analysis.  Clients can rely on GLJ to provide extensive investigation into their strategy for transactions support, benchmarking, valuations and commercial assessments.

Our market leading expertise in Oil Sands Mining evaluations dates back to the 1980’s and has made us the trusted evaluator for all of the independently evaluated oil sands mining projects in Alberta.  We apply our experience to mineable oil shale projects outside of Alberta, where bituminous material is extracted from mined oil shale.

Independent, Thorough, Compliant Reporting and Certification