Sustainability & Emissions Management

GLJ is a global leader in energy advisory. The skills of the GLJ team continue to evolve and expand to navigate the changing world within which we all operate. The success of our clients remains central to our mission. To achieve success, our clients must navigate an increasingly complex and regulated world.

GLJ’s Sustainability & Emissions Management team has developed a suite of services to support each client’s unique journey. By putting into practice the skills and expertise of our team, we can customize an offering that will best position your organization to maximize the value proposition of your assets, your employees, and your corporate brand.

The heightened focus on sustainability and emissions management has occurred relatively rapidly. Technologies, regulations, and workflows specific to these disciplines are quickly evolving. Organizations must stay current to ensure not only legal compliance but also corporate resilience in a competitive market.

As an industry leader, GLJ has consistently been a source of technical expertise. Knowledge sharing is a cornerstone of our relationship with industry participants, governments, and institutions. There is no more important investment that an organization can make than to invest in the education of their staff. Whether a half day workshop or a multi-day training session, access to up-to-date knowledge plays a fundamental role in your organizational success.

  • Regulations & Compliance
  • Reporting Frameworks & Standards
  • Technical Training
  • Leadership/Board Education
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Assessing an organization’s current state is an important aspect of any sustainability and emissions management initiative. Each unique assessment provides an opportunity to gather information critical to inform decision making. Assessments can be performed at a screening level or can be more in depth. The appropriate level of effort can be mutually determined.

Assessments are used to identify an organization’s areas of opportunity or risk. Data collected can be integrated into additional service offerings and are intended to maximize the positive impact of any future investment or activity.

  • ESG Risk & Opportunity Assessment
  • Peer Comparison
  • Gap Analysis
  • Double Materiality
  • ESG Readiness & Materiality

Quantification of topics, whether derived from technical, financial or sustainability data, provides a basis upon which to make decisions regarding sustainability and emissions management initiatives. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are needed to ascribe appropriate value to your overall efforts. Even concepts that appear intangible can be quantified by considering perceived effects.

GLJ’s deep multi-disciplinary expertise uniquely positions us to assist with the more nuanced calculations that currently challenge organizations seeking to justify ESG-focused projects. Quantitative techniques are appropriately adapted to analyze, model, compare, prioritize, and solve organizational inquiries. This objective and systematic method allows for an unbiased approach to decision-making, resulting in recommendations that are more likely to be endorsed by leadership.

  • Economic Scenario Analysis / SROI
  • Carbon Tax / Emissions Offsets
  • Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Emissions Benchmarking & Forecasting
  • Scope 1/2/3/4 Emissions

Committing to an organizational sustainability and emissions management plan is a significant undertaking. Just as critical is the documentation of the plan, including your targets, the initiatives you undertake to meet those targets, and the annual tracking of your progress.

Recurring ESG, sustainability or integrated reporting has become mainstream. Less common is the customization of the reporting process so that it best fits the needs of both your organization and your stakeholders. The report should be an outward reflection of your organization’s ESG initiatives. Together we can ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefit for your efforts.

  • Emissions Inventory
  • ESG / Sustainability Reporting
  • Climate-Related Disclosure
  • SASB Reserves

GLJ has a 50+ year reputation built upon providing independent, accurate and reliable certification of reserves and resources for our broad clientele. Certification is becoming equally important in areas of sustainability and emissions management. As regulation continues to increase in this area, certification will increasingly become a requirement. Even when not required, an independent review of a project or report can be a valuable addition when recognized by your external stakeholders.

Our approach to certification of sustainability and emissions management initiatives and reports seeks not only to ensure accuracy but also to promote the desired operational outcome. We use our experience and expertise to confirm the product, system or service meets specifications and regulations. We then supplement that confirmation, when possible, with additional recommendations to further enhance the ability of the product, system or service to fulfill its intended purpose. Our intent is to expand your organization’s potential positive impact.

  • Measurement, Monitoring & Verification (MMV)
  • Sustainability Linked Lending (SLL)
  • Carbon Credits & Offsets
  • Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) & Digital Crude Oil (DCO)
  • Independent Opinion / Expert Witness

Instituting a sustainability strategy is good business. The activities of every organization have an effect on the environment and on society. As an outcome of good governance, a sustainability strategy is established to first identify then avoid, mitigate or reclaim negative impacts while optimizing and maximizing positive impacts. This strategy also considers corporate resiliency which is reinforced by superior financial performance.

GLJ can bring an independent perspective, thus improving an organization’s ability to evaluate their current approach and to consider incorporating future activities that enable achievement of stated sustainability and emissions management goals. Through risk recognition and opportunity capture, organizations can better respond to investor and insurance pressure, societal expectations, and regulatory requirements all while improving the triple bottom line.

  • ESG Strategy
  • Asset Diversification
  • Decarbonization Roadmap
  • Net Zero Strategy

ESG Reporting

Investors, customers, insurance providers, employees, and regulators are increasingly demanding measurable, verifiable, and complete ESG reports. This requires more than simply saying the right things about your sustainability initiatives. Companies are expected to hold themselves publicly accountable for their progress against those commitments. Find out the game-changing benefits of our services here!

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