GLJ IntelliCasts™

Developing and executing business plans and strategies are some of the most complex, time-consuming work that any company can undertake. Strategic business planning requires significant amounts of time and resources across your company from C-suite leaders to technical and operational experts and business and economic analysts.

Strategic direction and business decisions impacting operations and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures all rely on people’s professional expertise and evaluation but that cannot happen effectively without timely, accurate and relevant data.

GLJ IntelliCasts™ gives you access to that data, in real time. GLJ IntelliCasts™ is a subscription product that offers rapid insight into oil and gas asset valuation. Powered by a mix of machine learning, modern decline analytics and five decades of play knowledge this is indispensable well-level insight for producers, debt & equity stakeholders and mid-streamers alike. With ongoing industry consolidation, GLJ IntelliCasts™ gives subscribers an edge in benchmarking, validating and assessing opportunities.

The product provides carefully analyzed and ready-to-use forecast datasets. Rooted in reservoir engineering fundamentals and elevated by GLJ’s comprehensive play knowledge, the subscription product allows subscribers to take their evaluation level from superficial to detailed with massive time savings.

GLJ IntelliCasts™ integrates seamlessly into existing business intelligence tools and software and can be included into corporate dashboard systems for instant access and is based on the most complete industry expert knowledge available and spans the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  It provides:

  • Comprehensive and reliable pre-calculated hydrocarbon forecasts
  • Reliable estimated ultimate recovery (EUR), remaining reserves and time series depletion profiles
  • Play-customized forecast constraints that are updated monthly
  • Forecasts of “best estimate”, “low estimate” and “high estimate”
  • Depletion forecasts of all hydrocarbon products including natural gas liquids (NGL)

GLJ IntelliCasts™ enables more accurate asset valuations with massive time savings:

  • Faster and more accurate screening of acquisition opportunities
  • Access to a consistent, verifiable, single source of knowledge
  • Stronger competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Roll-up of base production forecasts in the context of basin supply studies
  • Easier recognition of uncertainties in production forecasts and insight into how these can affect the bottom line
  • Valuable insights to feed machine learning and data science initiatives
  • An increase in efficiency through the automation of production forecasting

GLJ IntelliCasts™ are powered by advanced machine learning, modern decline analytics and over five decades of GLJ professional expertise.  It seamlessly compensates for poor or missing data and extrapolates low, best and high estimate forecasts for almost every well in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  It provides well-level forecasts for all sales products including raw gas, sales gas, oil, field condensate, ethane, propane, butane and pentanes-plus as well as up-to-date immediate perspective on upstream assets.

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