Integrated Studies

Comprehensive Planning & Modelling to Minimize Risk and Optimize Value

GLJ’s Integrated Studies are tailored to our clients’ needs and integrate all the available data to deliver insight and solutions for complex matters.

Workflow involves the integration of geocelluar models, geomechanical modelling & coupling, frac modelling, wellbore modelling, field development planning, production optimization and economic evaluation.

GLJ utilizes best-in-class engineering and geoscience practices. We leverage our decades of experience in Canadian and International reservoirs and access to significant partner organizations to provide our clients with state-of-the-art dynamic models. Our workflow involves the integration of:

  • Geophysical Interpretation
  • Petrophysical Interpretation
  • Geological Modelling
    • Build and audit geological models using your choice of software
    • Integrate all Petrophysical, Geomechanical, and Geophysical data
  • Geomechanics
    • Frac modelling
    • 1D & 3D Mechanical Earth Models (MEMs)
    • Geomechanics coupled with dynamic simulation
  • Reservoir Modelling and Simulation
    • Including Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs
    • Primary, waterflood and EOR simulation
  • Advanced Studies for Energy Transition Needs
    • Modelling & simulation of CCS process and plume migration in saline aquifers and depleted reservoirs
    • Geothermal, hydrogen & gas storage studies
    • Risk identification and quantification
  • Economic and Financial Forecasting
    • Cash flow projections, price decks, fiscal regimes (royalties and taxes), federal grants and incentives

We help clients build:

  • Data Management & Analytics dashboard, this includes:
  • All digital data in a single platform
  • Daily production, well testing, flowback data, production logging, geological data, petrophysical data, natural fracture logs, financial data, performance analysis and standard reporting
  • Easy access to the data for use and client visualizations
  • Field Development Planning and Production Optimization
    • Technical guidance on drilling, completions, field development
    • Recovery technique evaluation including secondary and tertiary options
    • Facilities and Production optimization
    • Scenario analysis and ranking
    • Recommendations for data acquisition plans, production optimizations, performance analysis and opportunity identification
  • Infrastructure Supply Studies
  • Petroleum supply studies to determine the economic viability of long-life infrastructure

Basin-wide resource potential for regions within the connection area of the proposed infrastructure

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