Technical Training

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GLJ is an international oil and gas consulting firm with a technical team of more than 70 dedicated professionals who have the experience and technical expertise to handle any petroleum resource assessment worldwide.  GLJ is an active member of the APEGA, CSPG, AAPG, SPE, and the SPEE. GLJ is also a co-author on the recent amendments to the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) and is a provider of many local and international industry presentations and workshops.

In addition to technical services, GLJ is pleased to offer numerous oil and gas training courses, workshops and presentations that are tailored to both technical and financial audiences.

GLJ’s team of engineering and geoscience professionals are committed to providing unparalleled customer service. Training is provided by instructors who have practical and technical experience in directly applying the technical analysis, economic considerations and regulatory guidelines fundamental to reserves and resources analysis and evaluations.

Reserves and Resource Estimation Techniques

GLJ has a breadth of technical knowledge in the estimation of reserves and resources across the world and is pleased to offer courses regarding the estimation techniques applicable to the following evaluation concepts:

  • Decline curve & type curve analysis
  • Fundamentals of PVT analysis
  • Estimation fundamentals for in situ & unconventional reservoirs
  • Big Data analysis and applications to reserves
  • Flowing Material Balance & applications to reserves
  • Pressure Transient Analysis & applications to reserves
  • Engineering and geological procedures & workflow for reserves & resource estimation

Reporting and Disclosure Guidelines

Reporting and Disclosure guidelines constitute a large component of the evaluation process. As an industry leader in reserves evaluations, GLJ is an expert in the application and interpretation of reporting and disclosure guidelines. GLJ is pleased to offer courses that highlight key considerations when conducting evaluations for reporting and/or disclosure purposes. These include:

  • Fundamentals of reserves and resource disclosure (SEC, NI 51 - 101 and other jurisdictions)
  • Reporting guidelines for Resources Other Than Reserves (ROTR)
  • Recent amendments to NI 51 - 101
  • COGEH, SPE-PRMS and SPE Monograph 3

Specialized Training Courses

GLJ offers customizable training courses, workshops and lunch and learn sessions to the oil and gas industry. Specialized courses are available for the Financial, Engineering and Geoscience disciplines.