Scoping Analysis

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The ability to make fast and informed investment decisions is crucial to both buyers and sellers in the energy industry. GLJ delivers accurate, respected asset evaluations in tight time frames at the level of detail our clients require. With cutting-edge tools and processes, along with a centralized database of public and proprietary information, GLJ can efficiently handle scoping projects of any size.

GLJ believes that in addition to providing our opinion of the most likely outcome, it is important to understand it in the context of what other possible scenarios could look like. This could be as simple as a look at the uncertainty present in an estimate of reserves or resources, or as complex as an integrated probabilistic model that forecasts volumes, commodity prices and cash flows using a Monte Carlo simulation. In the current business environment, GLJ is more aware than ever of the need to recognize and effectively communicate risk while placing appropriate value on upside potential.

Whether a project requires a rapid, high-level valuation of a time-sensitive opportunity or a thorough geological, engineering and economic evaluation with a suite of sensitivities, GLJ provides the right information to support intelligent decisions.