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GLJ possesses a diverse experienced technical team with an exceptional track-record of delivering reliable results and high quality performance for a broad list of Canadian and international clients. Our clients range from emerging producers to large integrated multi-national E&P’s, financial institutions, legal firms, investment bankers, government agencies, as well as mid-stream and transmission companies.

GLJ’s professional team of engineers and geoscientists are committed to providing unparalleled customer service using our flexible proprietary software, in conjunction with industry leading software, to customize results to suit client needs.

Senior Officers

Keith M. Braaten
P. Eng.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Braaten joined GLJ in 1985 and advanced to his current position as President and CEO in 2011. His expertise includes domestic and international reservoir studies, corporate reserves evaluations, resource assessments, resource supply studies, enhanced oil recovery projects, field development plans and expert witness testimony. He has extensive petroleum related experience in Canada (including frontier areas) and in over 25 countries worldwide. Mr. Braaten is active with the development of the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook and currently holds the position of Past Chairman with the Calgary Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers.

Jodi L. Anhorn
P. Eng.
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Anhorn joined the firm in 1993 and is responsible for corporate evaluations and acquisitions and divestiture projects. His extensive experience includes reserves and resource evaluation, detailed field development studies, rate transient analysis, and has served as the project lead on multi-discipline asset teams providing buy side technical and economic analysis. Mr. Anhorn is an expert in the preparation of domestic and international unconventional resource assessments and the appropriate securities disclosure rules.

Caralyn P. Bennett
P. Eng.
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Ms. Bennett first joined GLJ in 1990 and later went on to co-found a private oil and gas company. Returning to GLJ in 2010, Ms. Bennett has been promoted progressively to her current role as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. Highlights of her expertise include reserves and resource governance, emerging technology, in situ oil sands, enhanced recovery and mergers and acquisitions. Ms. Bennett is a member of the Petroleum Advisory Committee to the Alberta Securities Commission and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association. She is a passionate advocate for excellence via continuous improvement including the responsible development of oil and gas resources and in 2019 received the Society of Petroleum Engineering Calgary Section award for Outstanding Role Model for Women in our Industry.


Tim R. Freeborn
P. Eng.
Vice President
​Mineable Oil Sands and Shales

Mr. Freeborn has been with the firm since 1999 and is responsible for corporate evaluations as well as disposition and acquisition projects. Mr. Freeborn has been involved in a variety of reservoir engineering and economic evaluations in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin including coal bed methane (CBM), heavy oil and enhanced oil recovery projects. Mr. Freeborn is responsible for the evaluation of all of the operating integrated mineable oil sands projects in Alberta for various clients.

Todd J. Ikeda
P. Eng.
Vice President
​Corporate Evaluations

Mr. Ikeda joined the firm in 1994 and is responsible for client corporate evaluations as well as evaluations for acquisition and dispositional purposes. Mr. Ikeda has experience providing conventional and unconventional reserves and resource evaluations for international and domestic oil and gas plays.

Chad P. Lemke
P. Eng.
Vice President
Corporate Evaluations

Mr. Lemke joined GLJ in 2004 and is responsible for client corporate evaluations, as well as evaluations for disposition and acquisition purposes. His expertise includes domestic and international reservoir studies, corporate reserve evaluations, resource assessments and expert witness testimony. Mr. Lemke has extensive experience evaluating unconventional and shale resources around the world, including the Duvernay, Utica, and Vaca Muerta.

Leonard L. Herchen
P. Eng.
Vice President
​International Evaluations

Mr. Herchen joined GLJ in 1993 and is principally responsible for international and Canadian frontier evaluations and reservoir studies.  He is skilled in providing reserves and resource opinions, corporate evaluations, economic models, reservoir advisory services and resource supply studies.  Mr. Herchen is also responsible for the firm’s commodity market analyses and price forecasting; he has offered expert witness testimony on pipeline tolls, economic damages and land valuation.

T. Mark Jobin
P. Geol.
Vice President

Mr. Jobin has been with the firm since 1996, providing expertise in reservoir mapping, petrophysical analysis, 3D geological modeling, resource assessments and exploration prospect analysis. The Geosciences group of professionals has extensive experience, and conducts a wide range of studies, including unconventional resource studies, in domestic, frontier and international areas.