GLJ Ltd.’s Manager, Integrated Studies, Vicky (Xiaoqi) Wang presented our study of ‘CO2 Storage Efficiency for Capacity Estimation – Integrating Geological and Engineering Risks in a Clastic Saline Aquifer in Central Alberta, Canada’ at The Geological Society in the UK.

This poster was created by Manager, Vicky (Xiaoqi) Wang, Vice-President of Integrated Studies Suzy Chen, Geologist Mitchell Gillrie and Technical Specialist Zan Chen.

Published On: November 2, 2023Categories: Carbon, CCUS, News


  • Vicky (Xiaoqi) Wang

    Vicky (Xiaoqi) Wang is Manager of the Integrated Studies group of GLJ Ltd. She has over 15 years of diversified industry experience in reservoir and completion engineering. Since 2008, Vicky has been involved in various CO2 sequestration projects for different research institutes, E&P companies, and service companies, encompassing conventional, unconventional, and oil sands reservoirs. Since joining GLJ in early 2022, Vicky has primarily focused on CCUS fluid flow and geomechanics modelling, resulting in several publications presented at prominent industry conferences such as CCC Edmonton, CCUS Houston, and SPE ATCE. Her extensive expertise lies in CCUS, IOR/EOR, and the integration of innovative technologies with field implementations. Vicky is a registered professional engineer with APEGA in Alberta. She holds two Master of Science Degrees, one in Petroleum Systems Engineering from University of Regina and another in Chemical Engineering from China University of Petroleum. Additionally, Vicky has contributed over 20 publications to various conferences and journals.