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GLJ’s clients range from emerging junior producers to major integrated oil and gas companies, as well as national oil companies, financial institutions, investment bankers, government agencies, mid-stream and transmission companies and legal firms. GLJ is identified as the independent qualified reserves evaluator for approximately 40 percent of the total market value of the independently evaluated oil and gas reporting issuers on Canadian exchanges. Among GLJ’s extensive client list are some of the most active explorers and producers in new discovery areas and emerging resource plays.

Our commitment to meet the needs of our diverse and active clients is a constant driver of our capabilities and knowledge base.

Aduro Resources Ltd.
Alberta Oilsands Inc.
Anderson Energy Inc.
Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd.
ARC Financial Corporation
ARC Resources Ltd.
Arcan Resources Ltd.
Argent Energy (US) Holdings Inc.
Artisan Energy Corporation
Aspenleaf Energy Limited
Athabasca Oil Corporation
Baccalieu Energy Inc.
Barnwell of Canada, Limited
Bayshore Petroleum Corp.
Bengal Energy Ltd.
Beringer Energy Inc.
Bernum Petroleum Ltd.
Black Swan Energy
Blackbird Energy Inc.
BLZ Energy Ltd.
Bonavista Energy Corporation
Border Petroleum Corp.
Bow River Energy Ltd.
Brion Energy Corporation
Business Development Bank of Canada
Caledonian Royalty Corporation
Calston Exploration Inc.
Caltex Resources Ltd.
Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Canadian Oil Sands Ltd.
Canadian Spirit Resources Inc.
Canamax Energy Ltd.
Canbriam Energy Inc.
Cardinal Energy Ltd.
Carmel Bay Exploration Ltd.
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Central European Petroleum Ltd.
Centrica Energy
Cequence Energy Ltd.
Chair Resources Inc.
City Of Medicine Hat
Clearview Resources Ltd.
Coda Petroleum Inc.
Connacher Oil and Gas Limited
Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd.
ConocoPhillips Canada Limited
Copper Island Resources Ltd.
Coral Hill Energy Ltd.
Corridor Resources Inc.
CPPIB Credit Investments Inc.
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
Croverro Energy Ltd.
Custom Energy
Cutbank Dawson Gas Resources Ltd.
Dave Oil & Gas Inc.
DeeThree Exploration Ltd.
Dejour Energy (Alberta) Ltd.
Delphi Energy Corp.
Deltastream Energy Corp.
Devon Canada
EastSiberian Plc
Edwards & Morgan Consulting Ltd.
Emerald Lake Energy LP
Encana Corporation
Endurance Energy Ltd.
First Mountain Exploration Inc.
Franco-Nevada Corporation
Freemont Resources Ltd.
Gas Lite Energy Inc.
Gear Energy Ltd.
Glenogle Energy Inc.
Golconda Resources Ltd.
Goodland Energy Ltd.
Gordon Creek Energy Inc.
Government of Alberta
Government of Canada
Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Grandview Exploration Inc.
Greenfields Petroleum Corporation
Grizzly Oil Sands
Gryphon Petroleum Corp.
Halo Exploration Ltd.
Harvest Operations Corp.
Hawk Exploration Ltd.
High North Resources Ltd.
Huron Resources Corp.
Husky Energy Inc.
Imaginea Energy Corp.
Inception Exploration Ltd.
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Insignia Energy Ltd.
Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc.
Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
Jadela Oil Corp.
Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited
JAPEX Montney Ltd.
Journey Energy Inc.
Jupiter Resources Inc.
Kicking Horse Energy Inc
KOGAS Canada Ltd.
Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company
Laricina Energy Ltd.
Leucrotta Exploration Inc.
LGX Oil + Gas Inc.
Lightstream Resources Ltd
Lone Pine Resources Canada Ltd.
Madalena Energy Inc.
Mancal Energy Inc.
Mapan Energy Ltd.
Marathon Oil Canada Corporation
MEG Energy Corp.
MFC Resource Partnership
Montan Energy
Montana Exploration Corp.
Morichal Energy Corp.
Northpoint Resources Ltd.
NuVista Energy Ltd.
Omers Energy Inc.
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
Openfield Holdings Ltd.
Osum Oil Sands Corp.
Osum Production Corp.
Ouro Preto Resources Inc.
Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.
Parex Resources Inc.
Pengrowth Energy Corporation
Perenco Holdings
Perry Creek Capital
Persta Resources Inc.
Petroamerica Oil Corp.
Petromanas Energy Inc.
Platino Energy Corp.
Portland General Electric
Powder Mountain Energy Ltd.
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd.
PRD Energy Inc.
Predator Oil Ltd.
Progress Energy Canada Ltd.
Prosper Petroleum Ltd.
Questfire Energy Corp.
Rampart Oil Ltd.
Red Beds Resources Limited
Red River Oil Inc.
RedWater Energy Corp.
Reliance Holding USA Inc.
Rife Resources Ltd.
Rock Energy Inc.
Sabre Energy Ltd.
Second Wave Petroleum Inc.
SemCams ULC
Shackleton 2011 GP Inc.
Shale Petroleum Ltd.
Shield Energy Limited
Shiningstar Energy Ltd.
Shoreline Energy Corp.
Sinopec Canada Energy Ltd.
Sitka Exploration Ltd.
Southern Pacific Resource Corp.
InterOil Corporation
Spry2 Energy Inc.
Spur Resources Ltd.
Standard Exploration Ltd.
Stonehaven Exploration Ltd.
Stonepoint Energy Inc.
Striker Exploration Corp.
Summerland Energy Inc.
Suncor Energy Inc.
Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.
SW Resources
Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.
Teck Resources Limited
Terra Energy Corp.
The Blackstone Group
Todd Energy Canada Limited
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Toscana Capital Corporation
Touchstone Exploration Inc.
Tourmaline Oil Corp.
TransGas Limited
Tundra Oil & Gas Limited
Tuzo Energy Corporation
UGR Blair Creek Ltd.
United Hydrocarbon International Corp.
Utility Group Facilities Inc.
Value Creation Inc.
Velvet Energy Ltd.
Venturion Oil Limited
Veresen Inc.
Verity Energy Ltd.
Vermilion Energy Inc.
Vesta Energy Ltd.
Villanova 4 Oil Corp.
Vital Energy Inc.
Waldron Energy Corporation
West Moberly First Nations
Westbrick Energy Ltd.
Westman Exploration Ltd.
Whitecap Resources Inc.
Wildhorse Oil Corporation
Wyatt Oil + Gas Inc.
Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos
Yanchang Petroleum International Limited
Yoho Resources Inc.