Time savings, data accuracy, and automation: Introducing GLJ Insights

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Today we are excited to announce GLJ Insights, our new suite of premium data, analysis and knowledge sharing services.

“GLJ Insights was created for our clients and other professionals who require reliable, principles-based interpretations, or automation of the tedious, mechanical aspects of their work,” said Tyler Schlosser, Director of Economics and Risk at GLJ Petroleum Consultants. “It will allow them more time to focus on other important aspects of their job.” The first service available under the GLJ Insights umbrella is designed to save time and prevent errors – GLJ Insights: Futures Pricing. Know what your assets (or someone else’s) are worth at today’s market prices – in your inbox every day, or as often as you like.

“Futures Pricing will provide time savings, data accuracy, and defendable secondary product prices to make our clients’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on making better business decisions,” Tyler added.

Please email us here if you’d like to sign up during the free beta period of Futures Pricing. We welcome your feedback on the product and would be happy to answer any questions.

We encourage you to visit our recently-launched GLJ Insights website to learn more.