Reserves and Resources Evaluation Course

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February 26-27, 2020. Bogota

This practical course is for reservoir engineers and geoscientists who want to understand the reserves evaluation process and guidelines; and wish to reinforce their reserves evaluation skills.



At the end of the course, the participant should:

  • know what data must be gathered
  • understand and be able to use volumetric resource analysis
  • generate preliminary technical reserves and resource estimates
  • understand the importance of the evaluation results
  • identify topics that require additional analysis

Section I: Introduction to Reserves and Resources Evaluation

  1. Importance of Reserves & Resources
  2. Disclosure Requirements
  3. Reserves and Resource Guidelines
  4. Evaluation Methodologies
  5. Applications & Examples
  6. Important Takeaways & Other Considerations

Section II: Geosciences in Reserves and Resources Evaluation

  1. Seismic data and interpretation
  2. Mapping
  3. Petrophysics
  4. Volumetrics

Section III: Reservoir Engineering Analysis

  1. Reservoir and fluid characterization
    1. PVT
    2. Pressure Tests Analysis
    3. Driving Mechanisms
  2. Technical Recoverable Volumes and Production Forecast
    1. Recovery Factor
    2. Understanding Production Performance
    3. Decline Analysis
    4. Material Balance
    5. Analogs
  3. Field Development
  4. Economics




To register for this course, please contact: María Claudia Becerra | (1) 641 19 44 Ext. 129