Pason Acquires GLJ Partner Verdazo

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Pason Acquires GLJ Partner Verdazo

GLJ extends our congratulations to our partners on the Verdazo team on their exciting new direction! GLJ and Verdazo have a rewarding history of technical cooperation and we look forward to continuing this in the future.

Below are a few of Bertand’s words about the deal, and you can read his entire post here (

At Verdazo Analytics, we’ve always been a product of what we’ve been able to learn from our clients. The advancements in our VERDAZO product, services and methodologies have all been inspired and informed by the partnerships we’ve built over the last 10 years and our ‘crowdsourced’ approach to innovation.

As of today, we’re embarking on our biggest business journey to date.

I’m excited to announce that Verdazo Analytics has been acquired by Pason Systems Inc. Calgary-based Pason is a technology company offering fully integrated drilling data solutions, enabling users to collect, manage, report and analyze drilling data in order to optimize the performance and the cost-efficiency of their drilling activities.

As part of the acquisition, we will continue to run Verdazo Analytics as a standalone wholly owned subsidiary of Pason. Our clients will have the same team working with them day-to-day.